EL.EN. Group duurzaamheidverslag 2020

PENTA LASER CHUTIAN is, net als haar Italiaanse zus/broer “Penta CutLite”, onderdeel van de Italiaanse EL.EN.-Group.

Ieder jaar brengt zij een duurzaamheidverslag uit:

Dear partner,

we would like to tell you about the value of sustainability for the El.En. Group.

The El.En. Group is one of the most important companies in the laser world in terms of diversification and innovation: the search for technological excellence and production quality are its main characteristics. The Group’s companies are active in the production, research and development, distribution and sales of high-performance, reliable and environmentally friendly laser systems.

The medical division designs and manufactures lasers and light systems mainly in the areas of aesthetics, surgery and therapy.

The industrial division creates laser systems for cutting, kiss-cutting, perforation and marking. These systems are suitable for many different processes and can be used on many different materials.

The Group also operates in the field of cultural heritage restoration: for years it has been contributing to the conservation of the world’s historical and artistic heritage, by proposing cutting-edge, minimally invasive solutions.


Being sustainable means creating value over time and being ready to accept and successfully face the challenges of tomorrow.

Ethics, valuing human resources, protecting the environment, investing in research and development and in the high quality of our products, as well as safeguarding the interests of and creating value for all our stakeholders, are the only way to be an innovative, sustainable and successful company.

These principles of sustainability have always represented the pillars of the development and growth of El.En. Group over the years. They are proof that value is created through responsible management that respects economic, social and environmental balances.

Please find attached the El.En. Group Sustainability Report 2020 that summarizes the complete document you can download by this link:


and that we would like to share with you.

You will read about our passion in over 40 years of excellence in laser technology.

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